Creative – Expressive – Progressive

At Prolific Circle we believe in progress. We enjoy expressing ourselves through our work and are passionate about it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed client expectations, capture memories using media, and doing so all in a creative manner. We provide the following services through an extensive network of industry professionals we are proud to call our team.

Video/ Film
Sound Recording/ Sound Design
DJ and BIG EVENT SOUND/ Production
Web Design/ Graphic Design
Event Management

We are a full service advertising agency and much more.

Prolific Circle is a unique company founded on honesty, loyalty, creativity and the right to express ourselves through media and event gatherings to spread good in a world that needs positivity to create greater balance. Moving in the right direction. Originally started as Paradime Media LLC in 2008 Prolific Circle has become more and more well known for their work.

More About

At Prolific Circle we believe in art and the right to ones self expression. We work with a number of talented artists to provide a unique and tailored experience for our clients. We serve clients ranging from small one man operations up to international conglomerates. Photography, Video, Web Designs, Events and more. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.