You ever heard of music that is “underground” ?

Well this shit is buried so far underground that nobody has EVER heard of me. You have this direct link and seriously like 10 people have this shit… I make these beats and I just wanted to drop them someplace where people can download the actual files and play them. I have vocals written for some of this, but I am interested in your feedback on all of these please. I would like to actually finish some but being a full time bitch to myself and all my companies I only have a limited time to fux with this. But technology has changed so much that I can bang a beat out in like 30 minutes from scratch and then export that bitch to an MP3 file. Again please comment with your feedback so I know if people want more, or I’ll even add drops and other shit just for you select MFs. Have ideas? Share them! Cheers!

Just add them all to your “cart” and you can download them for FREE when you make a simple account. Download HERE or click the mask to the left.